Sparkling fireworks of pyrotechnic candles-fountains will be an excellent decoration for a cake, dessert or any other dish on the festive table. The burning time of the candle is 60 seconds, the height of the sparks is 35-50 cm.

Application: Hold the product by the part free of pyrotechnic composition in an outstretched hand or vertically fixing it in a stable base. Without bending over it, set fire to the top tip.

FIRE DANGER! Use only in a calm atmosphere.

It is forbidden: to use in a state of intoxication, to direct a candle directly at people or objects, the danger radius of not more than 0.5 m, to carry out any actions with the product that are not provided for in this instruction; use the product with damage or expired, throw into fire.

Store in a dry room, t ° no higher than + 30C

Cake fountain

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