Glowing balls with a remote control.

Balls on / off using the remote control.

Ball production: Sempertex (Colombia) and Qualatex (America). Best in the world. The best quality latex. They have natural rich colors. Perfectly even color. A huge number of colors and shades. They have the right teardrop shape.


Time of continuous bright glow 10-12 hours

After 12 hours, the diode will begin to fade away (batteries are running out), but it will continue to shine for up to a week.

Super bright directional glow.
The LED is fixed at the top of the ball, and evenly illuminates the entire ball.

Turning on / off the balls is done at a distance of up to 15 meters.
Coverage with one click up to 5 meters.


Turning on / off the balls will be possible in a period of not more than two to three days.


This combination of the balls can be changed at your discretion PALETTE

Balls can be released under the ceiling or collected in a cloud. Perfect for decorating a room with subsequent launch.


You can write the wishes on the color scale in the section "Special wishes"


The remote control is provided free of charge when purchasing from 25 balls.

With a smaller amount, the cost of the remote will be 200 rubles

Glowing balls with remote control

RUB 140.00Price
Turnkey solution
  • Pastel is a matte shade of color.

    Metallic - bright colors with a metallic sheen

    Mother of Pearl - delicate translucent colors with a pearlescent (metallic) sheen.

    All balls are processed exclusively by Hi Float (the best American product) for a longer flight time.

    All balls fly at least 3 days.

    All balls with metallic tape.


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