Luminous Balloons Happy Birthday or any patterned balloons can be made luminous

Ball production: Sempertex (Colombia) and Qualatex (America). Best in the world. The best quality latex. They have natural rich colors. Perfectly even color. A huge number of colors and shades. They have the right teardrop shape.


Assorted colors and shades in a random ratio.
Balls with a five-sided pattern - circular print. Silk-screen, high-quality drawing on the theme of "Birthday."


Time of continuous bright glow 10-12 hours

After 12 hours, the diode will begin to fade away (batteries are running out), but it will continue to shine for up to a week.

Super bright directional glow.
The LED is fixed at the top of the ball, and evenly illuminates the entire ball.


The LED has the ability to almost endlessly turn on / off / change the glow mode with the button located at the top of the ball.


Modes: fast blinking, slow blinking, continuous glow.


Balls can be released under the ceiling or collected in a cloud. Perfect for decorating a room with subsequent launch.

Glowing Balloons Happy Birthday on / off

RUB 2175.00Price
  • Pastel is a matte shade of color.

    Metallic - bright colors with a metallic sheen

    Mother of Pearl - delicate translucent colors with a pearlescent (metallic) sheen.

    All balls are processed exclusively by Hi Float (the best American product) for a longer flight time.

    All balls fly at least 3 days.

    All balls with metallic tape.