Surprise box with luminous balls


A box looks like any other box from our range.

The color of the box can be any (white, black, red, pink or blue). The price of the color does not change.


Inside there are included luminous balls (Balls with a button. You can turn on / off / change modes)


Assorted color balls by default. Color can be changed according to your desire. (Price does not change)


Box Surprise - a novelty that is very popular. Just imagine - the box opens, and balloons suddenly fly out of it.

Such non-standard design causes a sincere feeling of delight in both children and adults

At the bottom you can also place a gift - here you need to consider the size of the gift. The larger the gift, the fewer balls will fit in the box.

The gift should be announced in advance. If there is no way to bring him to the office, you should inform the manager about this. The option of placing a gift yourself is provided.


The box is filled with balls as much as possible

Box size 60x60x60

Surprise box with luminous balls

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