For more than 5 years, the FUNTIK team has been engaged in a truly beloved business - we not only deliver balloons to you, we deliver a drop of happiness, trying to make your event or just an ordinary day bright, airy and memorable! We bring joy, emotions, kindness and a bit of childhood - because each of us is a little child in our souls!

We have worked in the city of St. Petersburg for many previous years.

Arriving in Moscow, we have completely updated for you:

1. We have made a new modern, convenient and simple site. To make it easy for you to order helium balloons at home.


2. We made the only, among similar companies - multilingual site. So that our friends from other countries can easily please their loved ones with balloons.


3. We have completely updated all equipment and tools. So that the quality of our compositions from balloons is on top.

4. We have assembled a new brilliant, creative team, based on previous experience. After all, they help to make your holiday unforgettable.


5. We updated ourselves, and took into account all the experience gained. We analyzed a lot, what is really IMPORTANT to you ???

And they understood:

5.1 TIME. We always deliver the order on time.

5.2 HEALTH. We use only the best balloons. No cheap fakes.

5.3 RESPECT. We deliver balloons only in shipping bags. It is hygienic. After all, children love to cuddle with them.

5.4 QUALITY. Balloons will delight you for at least 3 days. This we guarantee.

5.5 MONEY. We still have some of the best prices in the city. And a huge number of constantly changing Stocks

6. And finally, we still DELIVER A DROP OF HAPPINESS FOR YOU !!!

The most important thing in our profession is your event. We just complement it and set “light” accents. Our specialists with serious experience and high professionalism will select for you the most suitable version of compositions, arches and fountains from balloons to decorate the room or decorate the entrance area, taking into account the peculiarities of designs and operating conditions.

Our call center operators will always help you choose gifts for your family, friends and loved ones for any holiday or special occasion. We are confident that we can offer what you like taking into account your wishes and preferences.

We always strive to surprise you a little, and provide you with all the best. That is why FUNTIK was one of the first to offer custom-made luminous helium balloons to its customers. And today we can make for you any composition of luminous balls: giant balls, a cloud of balls, patterned balls, a surprise box and much more.

You can independently choose your favorite option from a wide range presented in the catalog on our website or get an individual consultation. Your order will be delivered accurately and on time to anywhere in Moscow and the Moscow region.

In our work, we adhere to the following rules:

  • We strive to offer you all the highest quality.

  • We strive to always surprise you, therefore we are constantly updating our range

  • We respect your and your time, so we do everything on time

  • We do not deliver goods, we deliver a drop of happiness and emotions! And these are not just words - this is our style of work!