Доставка в интернет-магазине воздушных шаров Фунтик

Delivery of balloons (from 9:00 to 23:00).  

The minimum order amount is 1,500 rubles. (excluding shipping)


Delivery - 390 rubles. In Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road.

Urgent delivery + 200 rub.

Day to day:
- less than 5 hours in Moscow,
- less than 6 hours beyond the Moscow Ring Road.

For orders made after 21:00
next day delivery
- until 2 p.m. Moscow time
-Till 15:00 outside Moscow


Delivery of balloons (from 23:00 to 9:00).

The minimum order amount is 3000 rubles. (excluding shipping)


Delivery - 590 rubles. In Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road.

Delivery to a strictly specified time (+/- 15 min) +300 rub.

Delivery beyond the Moscow Ring Road - 40 rubles / 1 km.

Delivery Terms:

  • Delivery is carried out with an interval of two hours (Example 14: 00-16: 00).

  • Shipment at own expense you can pick up balls for any amount.

  • The courier expects you no more than 15 minutes

  • The further cost of waiting by courier (if possible) is every 15 minutes - 300 rubles.

At the indicated time interval, you must be present at the place of receipt of the order.

In case of your absence, the driver has the right to leave without waiting for you.

Free courier waiting time is 15 minutes.

After placing your order on the site, the operator will contact you to confirm the order.

An order is considered accepted only after obligatory confirmation by the operator.


1. On site: Yandex Cash, PayPal

2. Transfer to the card of Sberbank 4276 3801 5876 3701

3. Transfer to Alfa Bank 5197 4772 3840 7292 card

3. Cash upon receipt

4. Card upon receipt. Acquiring. (Operator must be warned)

5. Cashless payment


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