Warranty & Returns

Our company delivers only high-quality balloons, as we work exclusively with trusted manufacturers.
The guarantee for the flight of balloons with helium from the Funtik store is 48 hours (2 days) from the date of delivery and receipt of the order. This warranty period includes all latex and foil models, except:

  • hearts of 30 cm in size, so they fly 1-2 days due to their shape and size;

  • latex balloons 25 cm (economy), as their flight is 24 hours;

  • latex balloons with stickers, so we recommend using foil options for inscriptions.

Warranty for arches, garlands installed in the room - 2 days. The company does not bear responsibility for compositions placed on the street and falling into the zone of influence of weather conditions, vandals, etc.
Managers of the company will always and in advance warn about these features so that the festive decor of your choice brings only positive emotions.

Warranty Cases

The conditions include cases when:

  • more than 10% of the total number of balls fell to the floor;

  • their volumes changed by more than 50% (deflated) before the end of the warranty period.

Balloons are replaced if a warranty case has been recorded. We make a free replacement if the customer provides defective balls in exchange for new ones.


Dear customers, we ask you to pay attention: latex and foil balls of good quality, purchased in our online store are not subject to return and exchange.

Refunds are made within 72 hours (3 days) by the same payment method used by the client when placing the order, if it is impossible, for any reason, to replace the defective balls with new ones.
In the event of such situations, we ask you to immediately take the appropriate photos of the entire composition and send us mail: info@funtik-msk.com

Non-Warranty Cases

We draw your attention to situations in which the guarantee for balloons does not apply when the “deflation” occurred due to:

  1. Mechanical damage, puncture through the fault of the Client, pets.

  2. Contact with roughened or sharply interspersed surfaces.

  3. A long stay in a car in hot (above 20 degrees Celsius) or cool weather (below 15 degrees Celsius). Due to strong heating, the brittle shell bursts, and when supercooling, it deforms due to the characteristics of the injected gas.

  4. Outdoor use - in direct sunlight, in places of accumulation of green spaces, in frosty weather.

The above factors can lead to deformation of the balls.

Helium Balloon Recommendations

We care about the safety of your balls, and offer you recommendations for precautions when handling balls and compositions.


  1. The content of balls in a room with a temperature above +26 C.

  2. Direct sunlight.

  3. Heat from stoves, lighting fixtures and other heating elements.

  4. Sudden changes in room temperature.

  5. Finding balls under air conditioning.

  6. Impact on balls by friction or pressure.

  7. Sharp, rough surfaces near the balls.